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"I mean, it actually looks fairly competent, doesn't it?"


     - Lewis from the Yogscast

A game made in 48 hours for the Yogscast Gamejam.

“Santa”: Christmas is Coming is a single player reverse-heist.  Sneak into an unwitting family home and generously deliver presents before you're spotted and the police are called. “Santa” needs to use his wits, his dexterity, and his brute force entry tactics to make sure every family has a Merry Christmas. 

Once “Santa” is inside, he needs to stealthily deposit the gifts, distract the dog, dodge the enthusiastic children, and avoid waking dads because they're seconds away from calling the police.

Install instructions

Unzip Santa.zip and run the executable to play!


Santa.zip 43 MB


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uh help? Every time I open the game it looks like this. The settings aren't very useful either-

Do you have any reccomandations? The game looks interesting and I would love to play it.

We've never seen Yogscast stuff but we still had a good time with this game. 

Yo, "Santa" is strong as heck. he just blows that garage door down like it's nothing. Dude might need a longer coat, though.

"Santa" seems like an alright guy. Pushing down windows, exercising the dogs, and throwing gifts at trees. Who doesn't enjoy free gifts?! Dads, apparently. Overall, a fun time. A bit quiet and dark, but fun.

Good job, dev.

I managed to achieve victory by accident... which is basically my brand.

Funny little game! I enjoyed it!

I love how santa doesn't give a shit about nothing in this game. Such party hard vibes btw. Timecode 9:18